Le kae?

Ke nna Selloane aka “Sello” aka Maletsatsi aka Mofumahadi of Naarce Things.


I am passionate about being human (flaws and all 💞), music, love 😍 and all things African ✊. I am “Mama Africa” in a nutshell (well… that’s what my other other friends call me). I’m also a compulsive meme collector and emoji-an, which I think is pretty cool. Right?

Feel free to say hi back 😉 and let’s connect!


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About byMaletsatsi

byMaletsatsi is a concept born from my passion for celebrating women who know and fearlessly embrace who they are and to also inspire those who are still exploring and searching for themselves.

Being an explorer of life myself, I feel like a lot of young women are not quite true to themselves. Yes, we can all be likers of things re be “in fashion” but at the end of the day, it’s okay to not be perfect. It’s okay not to “fit in”. I’m gracefully learning to acceptance myself daily and I want to inspire my fellow sisters to do the same.

With the head wraps or “di tuku”, as I like to call them, represent that crown every woman wears, whether she sees it when she wears #byMaletsatsi or not. With the choker, comes out the fun, and sometimes savage side that sometimes hides inside. She’s powerful, dominant and feminine at the same time.

I ultimately want every woman to feel free to express themselves without fear when rocking byMaletsatsi.

Basadi, let’s take pride in knowing who we are and where we come from. Be the woman that doesn’t only communicate through talk, be that woman who’s real powers come alive when wearing her head wrap or choker byMaletsatsi. Let her be the beautiful, strong woman she is. Yes, she might be a bit fragile and moody at times but that’s what makes her who she is. She’s the woman you’ve known all your life but never met. She is Me. She is You. She is Us.

Here’s to a better, more authentic, fulfilling life #byMaletsatsi

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