Everyone always looks forward to soaking in a hot bath after a tiring day. Imagine how cool it would be to immerse yourself in hot springs that will relax your body as well as your soul! Plan a vacation to such places to unwind with your loved ones. There are numerous natural thermal waters around the globe that will pamper you to no end. Get ready to take a soothing dip to rejuvenate yourself.


Hveravellir, Iceland –
There are numerous hot springs in Iceland. Then what makes Hveravellir special, you must be wondering. The answer is – its perfect location and the pristine landscapes that surround it. Tucked away in two majestic glaciers, Langjökull and Hofsjökull, this site looks magical with its bubbling pools. Sitting here while admiring all the spectacular surroundings will take your breath away. No wonder this site has been attracting tourists even before 1752! The temperature of the water ranges between 70 to 100 Degrees Celsius. Washrooms are located a little away from the pools.


Noboribetsu Onsen, Hokkaido –

Japan is full of magical corners that are home to exquisite onsens. But, when it comes to picking up the best hot spring town in the country, Noboribetsu will always be on top. Considered to be Hokkaido’s most famous onsen, this lovely little town is home to numerous mineral-rich hot springs. The place is also home to enthralling annual Noboribetsu Hot Spring Festival that is held in every February. The water comes from the volcanic pit – Jigoku-Dani and is known for containing sulphur and hydrogen sulphide. The intoxicating smell of the water is enough to keep away the stress of chaotic life.


Pamukkale, Turkey –

Who would have thought that one of the healthiest thermal waters in the world are hidden in Turkey? Pamukkale, which means ‘cotton castle’ in Turkish, is a surreal site. You will realize how true the name of this place is after you have visited the hot spring pools here. Surrounded by travertine formations, these calcium-rich springs will refresh your mind along with your tired body. This site is ancient and when it comes to exploring such mystical lands, one must always use an online vacation planner to make travelling easier.

Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado –
Dolores, which was a mining town in the past, has today become a popular tourist destination. All thanks to thermal waters here! Taking a dip in therapeutic pools is even more captivating because of the lovely scenery that surrounds visitors. You will be greeted by the site of lush green mountains covered with towering pine trees. Who wouldn’t love staying at the resort and re-energizing with countless spa treatments along with these hot pools?

Bagby Hot Springs, Oregon –
Nestled in the thick woods on the Cascade Mountains, Bagby Hot Springs is a hidden gem. The site is a combination of around 10 major and minor pools. Though the place is considered to be Oregon’s most famous hot springs, many people avoid coming here as it needs hiking through the jungle. But, do not worry as the trail is only of 1.5 miles and at the end of the hike, these pools await you!

Now that you have found a way to make harsh winters soothing, why don’t you start packing your bags?

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