I have collaborated with the Johannesburg Natural Hair Expo to collect natural hair stories in search of the most authentic dialogue on hair as a huge part of the identity of women – and we’ll be giving away a prize for the best story!


After a successful series celebrating Queens and their fab selves (flaws and all) on the #MHWQueendomSeries, I’m back again and this time I’m looking to share stories in celebration of your natural hair! I’m looking for all naturalistas to submit and share their hair story – this will be your experience at your best and worst natural hair days (with images to compliment your story of cos). You can also share some tips on what you do to keep your natural hair healthy and protected.

So who am I talking to when I say naturalistas? Well, ke bua ka (uhh thanks to Urban Dictionary for the definition bathong)



Okay, so to kickstart the series, here’s my story about my long walk with #MyNaturalCrown ♥♥♥

I started my natural hair journey when…

I was in grade 9, this was in 2014 (tjo). I’ve had always relaxed my hair and been to salons all my life before I started and I got to the point where I felt like doing something different with my hair – this meant growing it in its natural state. So I cut my hair ka etsa S-curl.


I was scared of how I’d look at first and to my surprise the reception was great. I was proper feeling myself from that point hee.

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This was the beginning of a very long and sometimes tedious journey because natural hair has a life of it’s own nje.

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The challenges I’ve faced on my bad hair days…

1. Shrinking, shrinking and mooooore shrinking

Image result for roll eyes emoticon

2. My hair constantly needing to be washed

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3. My hair not growing up fast enough like it did when I had it relaxed


4. Losing a bit of my hairline when I had dreads (well I blame myself for being a liker of things and putting weaves on mxm)… on the bright side, the dreads were super naaarce


5. Starting over because of family traditions – I had to cut off my dreads and be completely bald after my father and grandmother passed away (I secretly kissed them goodbye, it was such an emotional moment as I was not ready to start growing my hair from scratch)


The moments I’ve cherished on my great hair days…

1. Pride in seeing my hair in its natural and very beautiful state (this is the growth of my hair after my dreads came off – yaaaaaaaas!

Image result for slay gif

2. Queening nje


3. Getting compliments from people – hahaha

Image result for catching compliments meme

4. Seeing myself in my crown – those self-love moments you have with yourself when you see your hair all blown out in the mirror… I live for those


What do I do to keep my natural hair healthy and protected?

1. I use coconut oil on my hair more than anything. I use coconut oil on eeeerrrthang…


2. I also braid, plait and wear wraps a lot. When I become lazy to plait my hair, I turn it into tiny dreads and moisturise it with spray.


Want to share your story too? Send me a mail at maletsatsisheadwraps@gmail.com

– with your story in celebration of your natural hair: this is at its best and worst times including pictures for me to share along with your story
– tips on what you do to keep your natural hair healthy and protected

PS: The Johannesburg Natural Hair Expo will be happening on the 6th of May 2017 and tickets are out and available here! Keep your eyes locked on both our social media pages for updates and other great news (and Joburgers, keep your diaries open for the 22nd of April 😁😁😁 ).

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