Because… #Lemonade 🍋🐝

I for one don’t really care if #lemonade” is a media “gimmick” or this great “marketing strategy” to make more billions for the Carters. All I care about is how much I related to what I saw while watching that visual album (I also tagged a lot of my female FB friends because I felt they would relate too – ba bang because ba rata dintho nje 😂).

Shiiiid women go through a lot hleng. Can y’all (men) just allow us this one? Give us some credit nyana – some of us won’t jump just because Bey says “ leave your man” se re lahla 😪 (are you trying to make sure we don’t unite 👀)!

This is more than just a “mainstream artist releases album” for me. This is about the everyday experiences I believe we as women go through and it’s also a realisation and strengthening that #squad. If you haven’t watched the visual album yet 🙅 , it’s basically arranged according to chapters and each chapter tells a story of what she is/was (or never did 😂) experiencing emotionally, mentally and physically. I’m about to break it down but you need to watch to understand what I’m taking about.

There’s a quote that sums up this whole visual album for me… “It’s okay to not be okay”. I mean who said we are perfect beings? Just because we (women) are the stronger sex 🙌 doesn’t mean we can’t act a little bit loco sometimes. It’s also a start (this is where I thank God that she’s a mainstream artist) to bring women together – the most important lesson in the whole thing basically. Beautiful things happen when women support each other. Can you let us celebrate our struggles in peace?

The chapters start off with Beyonce and most women’s fight with our strongest weapon = intuition. Why? Because we don’t believe in our manjik. We don’t think we are pretty or loveable enough, we go through things like denial (believe the lies we’re being told in our relationships), we become angry (and threaten to leave your baes sometimes 😁) and start acting apathetic – have a glass or ten of wine to reach a point of emotional emptiness so you can just live your life like one big party. Mxm. Sometimes it’s hard to deal with your emotions and the situation your stuck with. You’d rather pretend to be cold and heartless – like he’s been to you. Ku rough nje in chapters 1-6. That’s all.

Moving away to my favorite parts. Yaaas Serena twerking and f’n ish up is also on my list of favourite parts 💃but this is more important. Chapter 7 – Reformation 😭 Here, Beyonce walks with a group of black women along a shore in white. They stand holding hands, holding them up. And in the background “Love Drought” is playing as she sings about a love that could “move a mountain,” “calm a war down,” “make it rain now.” All I’m thinking about is SISTERHOOD. Squad so deep we move mountains. Guys ✊ we are creators, healers, leaders of the world. Imagine if our love for each other was super saiyan strong we wouldn’t even have to (I’m imagining) ask questions like “Why do you consider yourself undeserving? Why are you afraid of love?” like Beyonce asks in this scene. We’d be so confident in ourselves, our lives, our families and our men. The possibilities are endless!

Chapter 8 touches on forgiveness. So here we see Jay Z, the dude who had been one of the most hated men on Twitter since Lemonade dropped nje, show up as Beyonce sings “Sandcastles,” a song about trying again. Hmmmm trying again neh 💅 lol something very familiar to me. Have you ever gotten hurt by someone you love so much, or even someone you never really gave a proper chance to before, a try again? Maybe once or three times? It happens, ke life. But also in the process you feel guilty of your decisions coz of these famous words “don’t cry over spilt milk” or “ska ja mo o hlatseditseng teng” 😪 sometimes the heart wins the war against the head… And it’s okay. It’s either you will eventually be truly happy or just learn another very big lesson in all things love.

The popular #BlackLivesMatter is ovs the screaming message throughout the entirety of Lemonade (through fashion, hair, the black women themselves) but it becomes the strongest message in chapter 9, Resurrection. Here we see black mothers who’ve lost their sons due to police brutality (and because of racisim 😠) as they hold up pictures of their sons: Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mama; Lesley McSpadden, Mike Brown’s mama; and Gwen Carr, Eric Garner’s mama. You can literally still see the hurt in these women’s eyes 😢. The song playing here is “Forward” which talks about charging ahead as she sings “It’s time to listen, it’s time to fight.”. It’s time to listen black folk, it’s time to fight for our humanity, our history, our voice! Yes? ✊ Yes!

With that going, we can experience hope in chapter 9. Not a supprise that my bae Lamar 💞 features in this song. Have you seen his Grammy performance 👀? He’s like the black people’s Jesus… Okay maybe I’m pushing it a bit too far but you don’t listen to that man and not love or have some sort of respect for him and his music. A saviour of our generation – especially in the hip hop industry. The last chapter, which made me super teary and feeling all sorts of happy, joyful vibes because of the couples shown sharing their love 😍 too beautiful – I’m secretly such a sucker for love and love songs. I’ve had “All Night Long” on repeat and the part the part where she says “My grandma said, nothing real can be threatened. True love brought salvation back into me. With every tear came redemption and my torturer became my remedy. So we’re gonna heal, we’re gonna start again”. How can you ignore this 😭 “Our love was stronger than your pride/ Beyond your darkness, I’m your light.” Utlwa fela! Did you shed a tear also? I bet you did! Mxm, I even forgot how angry Beyonce was before during this scene 😂. Jay Z was back to being the love of her life, perfect father and music mogul we all knew him to be (lol even through we still wanna know who Becky with the good hair is 👀… Re rata ditaba rona ba bang).

So yeah, here goes my reason I give #lemonade the thumbs up. Mainstream of nie. Miss me with that 🐝🍋🐝🍋🐝🍋🐝🍋


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