Sorbet’s “Hello, Me” Campaign Asks You To Be The Best Versions Of You

Studies show that there is an association between the social environment and the behaviors, feelings, and thoughts of individuals. These thoughts are usually passed on from parents, peers, and overt mainstream media messages that encourage the “appearance culture.” With embedded norms in relation to how society feels one should look,…

Sorbet Launches First Thursdays Programme To Kick Off Annual Beauty & Grooming Fairs

Leading professional beauty brand, Sorbet, announced an exciting new programme at the launch of the annual Sorbet Beauty Fair and Sorbet Man Grooming Fair on Thursday, 7 April. The new programme, called Sorbet First Thursdays, will run at selected stores on the first Thursday of every month, giving both ladies and gents the opportunity to have…

83% Of Girls In South Africa Are Using Filters Or Retouching Apps By The Age Of 13

Over the years Dove, as one of the leaders in self-esteem education around the world, through their Dove Self-Esteem Project, has aimed to drive purposeful conversations that bring about positive change to people and society. Dove recently launched the ‘Reverse Selfie’ film which represents how far retouching apps can distort…

[News] Burts Bees’ Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream

It’s simple – products that work become classics. Formulated with time-tested natural ingredients like Beeswax, Shea Butter, and botanical oils and extracts, the products in Burt’s Bees’ Classics Collection were instant cult favorites when they launched—and have remained classics ever since. Many of the products in the collection were first conceived more…

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