Salons are either the best experience (if you are lucky) or they could literally be the worst. And for most of us with natural hair, it’s usually the latter. Having to go to the salon and someone attempt to do right by your hair is waste of money – most of our solutions? Wash day at home and plait.

I’ve been slowly growing my dreads since November last year – uuuuh happy hair-iversary to me (even if it’s a month late) – and I’ve been to the salon about 4 times this year. I’ve saved money, my hairline and gained some length. Vusi, the guy that does my hair at South Locs in Braam is the bomb guys – like I leave there feeling good about my hair… ene wa hlatswa shame, he doesn’t play.

Most times I just have my doek on, a wig or a protective hairstyle. Darling Hair is my go-to for whenever I do braids and beginning of the year they launch their Black Panther Inspired Hairstyle style guide and I got to try the Bantu Locs, a hairstyle similar to the Queen Mother, Ramonda. I’m in love! These Bantu Locs are cost effective and almost look like the real thing. I had them on and I literally saw how I’m gonna look when my dreads are finally at a length I want.

Also, the cool thing is that you don’t really need to be a professional stylist to put them on, they are quiet easy to install on your hair. Here’s a peep at my salon experience at the Darling Hair Headquarters sometime mid-2018:

A pack is available on major retailers from around R70 a pack – get some new huuurrr ghel!

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