I Believe God Is A (Female) DJ… Here’s Why…

I love music,  I make my connections through music. Put me in a room full of people without something in the background and I won’t engage a lot – play some naarce jams and you’ll see Maletsatsi shine through (I dance a lot to music I love).

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I pray while I my music is on shuffle – there isn’t a wrong song for the my prayer moments – it’s all synchronicity. It might seem like the weirdest thing to do but I do things differently. Music is my church, it’s a very intimate thing I have that I really feel connects me to my angels and God. (NB if I share music with you – don’t take that for granted. I’m there, sharing my energy with you, not something I do a lot).

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Sometimes you don’t get answers to situations happening in your life,  this is how I get some of my answers. I usually pray at 12am and this one time (24 Feb, the day I wrote this piece), the clock stroked 12 and my daily alarm went off… What did I do? Ask for the next song to answer a question that has been on my mind… track named AUD-20170802-WA0045 plays and it is an instrumental jam lol. Message? dololo, but the instrumental felt very naarce and “feel good” – I might not have received a definite answer but there’s definitely some good from it. What I also do is listen out for key messaging – for example if a friend is talking to me about a certain issue they are going through, when I step away from the convo for a while I can get some key advise for whomever I’m talking to and it makes absolute sense.

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I am my best self when I’m zoned out: I can write, think, be creative and just absorb positive and happy vibes – or even feel the negative energy out if it’s one of those days. I have my speakers on semi loud in my room or car and my headphones on most of the time at work so I stay sane – it’s so key for me. If I don’t have any of these then my day  just drags and I lose focus 100% of the time – attention span yaka ya tshosa.

Side note: Steve Lacy’s “Some” just interrupted my editing session because it’s such a vibe mahn! It’s on one my my playlist from last year titled “Sexyness”

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I can curate a mix of sounds to evoke certain feelings. Depending on what the aim of the playlist is, I can evoke that. I’ve had published different playlist moods and occasions through #MaletsatsisJams on SoundCloud. I think I might have been a DJ at some point in my life, who knows. Ke tseo: 

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So, whether it’s jazz, lounge, gqom; I don’t have a super favourite genre that I would isolate – I love music that much. Eh I even forgot that I was praying now I’m in my zone typing this blog post – kubye!

Ohhh… She’s female because She made me in Her image akere

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Feature image: Nicole Dixon


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