Journey Of Connections #StoriesOfStrength

Firstly… Happy Women’s Day bo ausi! We know we celebrate ourselves everyday but it’s so naarce having a day dedicated to your entire existence… not forgetting how important it is to also remember how the courageous and iconic women of 1956 marched for change and succeeded. Here’s to keeping that spirit alive!

Now to share what this post is really about lol and I’ve been teasing about this the whole week yeeeiii 😊 … It’s tough being a woman and it’s even tougher when you’re trying to fulfil your dreams at the same time. I know with me because ngi busy 🙈. Outside my normal 9to5, I am out and about covering events for Le’Afrinique, socializing with other media peeps, writing blog articles and managing selling doeks… this is also outside the Johannesburg Natural Hair Expo. But don’t get me wrong, I enjoy this part of my “side hustle” because it really doesn’t feel like work – especially with byMaletsatsi.

I started byMaletsatsi in 2014 with the vision to celebrate women and in some way inspire some sort of womanhood for our future generation – this meant also showing the most real versions of being a woman so that the kids don’t think it’s all sunflowers and rainbows. The solve then became the doeks that I currently sell (also a metaphor of a crown coz re di Queen moes) and this blog space where I share my stories on life, love and anything else I like – to show that: it’s okay to not be okay, imperfection is also perfect, do what feels right for you, you are doing the best you can (even if it’s bare minimum) and that you are really not alone. We are honestly so hard on ourselves.

On it’s 5th year now, byMaletsatsi has really grown from humble beginnings (started off ka di head bands lol). It’s not always as rosey as it seems running a business. The strength to keep byMaletsatsi is from all the connections I’ve made with other women really (young and old). From something as simple as “please help me tie a doek” to “I thought I was the only one going through this” after sharing something I was going through really makes a difference.

Captured by fellow Queen, Thandokazi Lekhade

The team at Jenna Clifford recognised my efforts and through the StoriesOfStrength campaign, asked me (and other women who are influential in their fields) to share my story of what strengthens me to keep doing what I do. My Jenna Clifford earrings represent how I always have my ear on the ground to keep up with work and everything else that I do and are also a reminder to listen to myself more – your inner self is the best guardian.

Join me in sharing your story of strength on any social media platform tagging Jenna Clifford and I using the hashtag #StoriesOfStrength. Your story should be based on your experience as a woman in unnatural spaces, male dominated industries or how you have been effected by ailment highlighting how through all those challenges you shine and remain beautiful in all angles.

If you’d love your story to be profiled on my blog, you can submit your lengthier #StoriesOfStrength story to along with a picture of yourself. There will be a hamper for the most liked story as well as the best voter of the stories profiled (the link to vote for the best story will be shared once all stories have been profiled here).

Looking forward to hearing your story – and thank you for “listening to mine!

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