Lerato Motloung’s #LoveYourBodySeries Story

How has your the relationship with your body been like? Its been a love hate. I wanted to love my body but the world just kept saying, no its not loveable coz its too big or not proportional. But then I realised I was an emotional binger when my heart broke for the first time.

What made you not appreciate your body when you were younger? My love handles, stomach and tiny booty… being African is all about booty and being compared to my sisters was awful. Because they never had trouble with “Matswitla (rolls)” like I did.

When did you start fully loving your body? When I turned 26. I lost weight when I went through stress and depression so boobs, tummy and love handles were gone. That boosted my confidence for now that I’m gaining weight again. I appreciate the curves and embrace it all now, and tha booty too.

Looking back, what would you say to your younger self about showing self-love to your body? Love it. You won’t ever get another one neh baby?!

What advise would you give someone who needs a little motivation to loving their bodies? You are beautiful no matter what the world tells you is beautiful. Start embracing you. You won’t ever get another body.

What’s your most favourite part of of your body? Why? My legs. They keep me going through it all(literally and figuratively) and get stronger with each step, run or squat, and are sexy.

Where can we find you on social media? Facebook: Lerato Ngwaniwapo Motloung

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