I’m super excited to be doing this series again 😁 and this one is going to bigger because I haven’t excluded some hair types. With over 30 stories submitted, everyday will be a preview (or two) into a unique hair type and you might get some useful tips for your hair too.

Lockdown has its downs especially because some of us salon goers can’t get a chance to go get our monthly treatments like we usually do. We’re forced to be hair stylists and make sure that our hair is kept decent-nyana. I hope this series will inspire some extra TLC for your hair and hopefully you’ll get to get your hands on one of 10 hampers to treat and nurture your hair while at home.

A big THANK YOU to everyone that has submitted. The time and effort you’ve put into drafting your thoughts is really appreciated πŸ™πŸΎ and thanks to ORS Hair Care as well for sponsoring this edition of the #MyNaturalCrown Series. Who will win one of the 10 hampers? You’ll have to keep your eyes on the upcoming voting lines when they open end May.

Greal. So as usual, I’ll share my story as the official opening of the series so so here goes…

My hair is… mischievous 🀭

Before we went on lockdown, I… used to go to the salon to treat it and have it styled nicely. I did wash it at home when ever I get too busy to pop into a salon but I prefer it done by a professional.

My hair routine has changed now… and I’m forced to wash, treat and style at home. It’s a lot.

The challenge with my hair is… that the longer it gets the heavier it becomes. I still wash it at home but yahhh it’s gonna get difficult to manage soon. And also my scalp dries up super quickly (and I’m sooo lazy to base it regularly 😴).

My lockdown hairstyle is… lephondo. I wake up and sleep in this hairstyle. It’s very easy to manage (especially coz all my dreads go into a bun together now πŸ’ƒπŸΎ).

Top tip(s) anyone with your hair type can use to keep hair healthy and strong this winter? Base your scalp as often as possible (I’m also talking to myself here πŸ˜‘). If the roots are healthy and moisturized then the body of your hair will show off.

My favourite ORS product to use is the… Creamy Aloe Shampoo and Replenishing Conditioner combo yeeeeeeiii πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ I’ve recently tried them and I was happy with them (I boast about them here).

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