How has your the relationship with your body been like? Roller-coaster is the appropriate term. My body reacts to everything I do. I eat junk food and I feel it the next morning. I workout, same story as well. I hate that about my body. I have a seasonal relationship with my body actually.

What made you not appreciate your body when you were younger? I have always been chubby, I can’t remember a time I was never chubby. Because of my my chubbyness I never ever thought I was beautiful or it was beautiful. To top it off, the only compliments I would receive were always nchooo “you so cute”, I had never received a “you’re beautiful” compliment. There was never a time I loved my body when I was younger.

When did you start fully loving your body? When I started working, I finally had control over what I wanted my body to look like. I still didn’t fully love it, I only did when I lost weight. I lost weight and that’s when depression hit me. I missed my chubby body. Everyone I met would say how beautiful I used to be when I was chubby, than I wanted my body back. I realised then, I can’t please anyone but myself. I gained back a bit of my weight, than I read Napoleon Hills books and that’s how I gained self-love & confidence. Shortly after that I met my boyfriend. He met me when I had finally accepted my body. I learnt then that if you love yourself everyone else will. I have loved my body since.

Looking back, what would you say to your younger self about showing self-love to your body? You actually were never fat, it runs in your family’s genes… When I look back moments I thought I was fat, I actually wasn’t.

What advise would you give someone who needs a little motivation to loving their bodies? “There’s always someone out there, who wishes they had your body. If you not happy with something change it” .. My boyfriend always tells me.

What’s your most favourite part of of your body? Why? My boobs, I really have beautiful boobs. My thighs as well because I easily get that thigh V cause of gym.

Where can we find you on social media? IG:kwenathedouble FB:Makwena Mamabolo

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