Manzini Precious

My hair is… my crown!

Before we went on lockdown, I… had a hair routine which goes like this: wash my hair once or twice a week with a moisturizing shampoo, use rice water once every week, moisturizing deep conditioner once for up to 15-20 min and use a leave-in conditioner coz it helps to detangle my hair. I apply natural oils such as amla oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil. I apply small amounts of oil to the end of the hair strand. The hairstyles that I loved were just to comb my hair out and style it in a natural way, of which now I can’t do it during this Lockdown because my hair will break.

My hair routine has changed now… I’m forever on protective hairstyles since I’m always indoors. I no longer braid my hair with hairpiece especially twist braids.

The challenge with my hair is… shrinkage. This has always been the challenge that I have since I started my natural hair journey.

My lockdown hairstyle is… small lines (loose cornrows).

Top tip(s) anyone with your hair type can use to keep hair healthy and strong this winter? Top tips on natural hair on winter are that wash your hair less often, use good deep conditioning (treatment) and normalize steaming your hair (eg: while taking a shower). Always trim your hair and use heavy oil to seal your ends. Always massage the natural oils into your scalp and wear a silk bonnet at night, most importantly drink a lot of water and eat healthily.

My favourite ORS product to use is the… ORS Coconut Oil.

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