Mbali Bhengu Shares Business Lessons We Never Received On Self-Ish

Mbalenhle Bhengu, the esteemed serial entrepreneur and owner of MindSwitch, is releasing a book that promises to be a light in the darkness for entrepreneurs both new and seasoned. Her ultimate how-to of entrepreneurship, titled SELF-ISH – Mastering Self in a Selfish Business World, offers both anecdotal advice, stemming from long years of first-hand experience, and practical tools that offer an edge to even the most flourishing new business.

Leaving no stone unturned, Bhengu addresses the many stumbling blocks of starting your own business, including financial duress, the dangers of “basement behaviours” and the unspoken subtleties of media interviews.

In SELF-ISH, Bhengu shares all her hard-earned insights on the necessity of personal growth as an entrepreneur, and how to achieve that personal growth in a way that benefits both the individual and the business. SELF-ISH also touches on the dark side of starting your own business, not shying away from the controversial underbelly of her craft and unpacking uncomfortable subjects such as Black Tax and BBE. Bhengu tackles the difficulty of staying grounded and maintaining your integrity in her section, “Fame and Glory”, and shares the ways in which “Ringleaders” and “Bullshitters” manifest – and can be handled.

In this practical, thoughtfully considered handbook, Bhengu explores every aspect of the entrepreneur’s journey – no detail too gritty and no picture too big, resulting in a guide that no entrepreneur can afford to do without.
Her current pursuits include her company, MindSwitch, which focuses on personal development, content development and research, and corporate training and the development of several other brands, including a move towards property rental markets and healthcare company, Zizwe Cleaning Solutions.

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