#MHWQueendomSeries Meet Khauho Mercy Coetzee 😎

Name: Khauho Mercy Coetzee

Age: 23

Life quote: ”Without deviations from the norm, progress is not possible” – Frank Zappa

What does it mean to be a woman (in this day and age) and what is the most important
thing to you as a woman? Being a woman in this day and age means that we (women) need to be more vocal about the struggles that we face every day in our homes, interpersonally, at work, with family, etc. In as much as it may be great to be a black woman today, I think it possess equally challenging struggles. The most important thing about being a woman is realizing the depth of my power and sexuality.

What is self-hate to you? And have you been a victim of it? Constantly having negative conversations with oneself is self-hate to me. I have been a victim of it. It’s an everyday struggle.

Do you still have issues with self-esteem? And what helps you snap out of it? Not issues per se, but realizing that I need to work on certain aspects of my character.

When did you learn to start loving the woman you are? I didn’t start internalizing the whole “you’re a woman” speech until I had to look for a job. Sometimes I don’t think that I am. However, I did start loving who I am when I got to varsity. Being around different people does a whole lot of good to one’s world perspective.

What do you think has influenced your confidence? My mother and growing up with my sisters.

What are your passions and inspiration? I am fiercely passionate about women – our rights, sexuality, gender complexities and racial inequalities – fitness and great food, antique sculptures and the ocean.

Do you have any fashion/beauty icons, if so who are they? I do. Lisa Bonet (Lilakoi Moon), Luanna Perez, Rihanna and Kendall Jenner are my fashion inspiration. All these women represent a different aspect of my personality.

If you could meet your younger self, what would you say to her? Trying anything out of my comfort zone is OKAY!

If you had to tell one thing to every little girl in the world, what would it be? You are enough. Be you, the world will adjust.

Where can we find you on social media? Social media makes me anxious. [LOL] I am active on Facebook.

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