Name: Lerato Motloung aka Lovato *smiles*. Ngwaniwapo is what I resonate with though, has a deep venda meaning but ‘native of the soil’ is what I’ll say it means.

Age: 24 going on 25 soon

Life quote: Anything you believe is possible but it doesn’t make that which you don’t believe impossible

What does it mean to be a woman (in this day and age) and what is the most important thing to you as a woman? Being a woman to me is being a nurturer, not only of children but those around you. Having loads and loads of compassion and empathy for other people. Having the ability to soften what is hard to a man. And the most important thing for me is love. The sacrificial nature of woman and the driving forces behind that being pure utter love is just amazing for me.

What is self-hate to you? And have you been a victim of it? Hating on one’s own abilities, looks, traits etc. And yes I have been. For such a long time but I hid it very well I must say. Having beautiful sisters and a brother like I do wasn’t as nice in primary. Being bullied I was constantly told I don’t deserve to be their sister as I’m ugly and fat. Like what? I wasn’t fat I was well-rounded. But that made me very conscious of my looks and not very proud. And then the pimples happened, and they like happened all the way to high school. I was like Modimo I could be saving up money instead of buying these ‘Garniers’ and ‘Avons’, but coz I wanted that flawless radient skin I used them for years! Waste of money coz my skin cleared up on its own

Do you still have issues with self-esteem? And what helps you snap out of it? No I don’t have issues with self-esteem but I am kinda shy these days of which was never a characteristic I had my entire life.

When did you learn to start loving the woman you are? In High School I liked the girl I was, and in tertiary I fell in love with the woman I became. Every situation forces a character or strength you never knew you had, so hey trials I’m glad you got me to love Lerato more.

What do you think has influenced your confidence? My father honestly. Even when I believed myself to be the worst, he always assured me that I’m his little girl and I’m bright and worthy of more than what I percieve to be my biggest flaw. My talents and abilities aswell, you know when you sit alone and think to yourself about your negatives, a little voice reminds you of the positives and I concluded that if I’m so bad then why would another be in awe of something I got. So hey I still got it.

What are your passions and inspirations? People are my passion, their heart matters. I think it’s why I wanted to be a psychologist, but after hearing many of their stories I realized I’m too soft, I actually cry with people too, well sometimes. So we’ll figure out a way to impact them without being in contact. Music, gosh I think I sang the moment that doctor or nurse slapped my behind. I just wanna touch people and heal them with music. Art, everything art is a passion of mine. Beads, beads and more beads. Crafting infact is a things of mine, love it. And I still aspire to be a winemaker, still love wine!

Do you have any fashion/beauty icons, if so who are they? Well fashion icons not so much. But my mom has taught me to be stylish and not necessarily to be for fads and fashion. So I throw on whatever and yeah I just do me. Beauty icon. 1st one is my mother, that lady is beautiful, and I get this ‘no make-up’ thing from her. Hey momma, you beauty! 2ndly I have all my ladies surrounding me, Selloane included. They are artistic and how they enhance their beauty, mostly minimally always leaves me in awe. And lastly Alek Wek. I will quote Midnite from their song Propaganda ‘Black is absorption of all light and colour, so hear me little sista’. She has a rich essence of being African and her lack of effort to try and change that for me is beautiful.

If you could meet your younger self, what would you say to her? Lol you’re not fat man, o well-rounded. Talented, beautiful and go take on the world!!!

If you had to tell one thing to every little girl in the world, what would it be? Tulips, Sunflowers, Succulent flowers, Cactuses, Roses etc. are all flowers, now everyone doesn’t have the eye for every flower, or the soil to grow these flowers. But it doesn’t make you less flowery and beautiful. So soak up the sun (positive energy) and flower on, there’s a garden for you somewhere.

Where can we find you on social media?

FB: Lerato Ngwaniwapo Motloung

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