Name: Thabitha Mahlangu

Age: Gorgeous 26!

Life quote: “..sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an undeniable breakthrough..” This looking back on my life, the journey has been rough but last night I had a little re-introspection and I uttered the words “..damn girl you are strong! You have been through the worst..look at you now, smiling, glowing looking polished and neat. You are doing it, LIVING!!” and this made me feel good, great. I’ve never been calmer and I just wanna thank myself for giving myself time to sit back, feel and listen to every inch of feeling inside and on me.

What does it mean to be a woman (in this day and age) and what is the most important thing to you as a woman?  To be a woman means being classy, gorgeous, fearless, confident, brave yet cautious. It means loving yourself so much you refuse to mix with people who pull you down to their level just because you aren’t like them. Just be fabulous with those bye bye arms, flabby dimpled thighs, Wiggly tummy. Just be you. There can never ever be another you.

The most important to me as a woman right now is my daughter. Mmabontle. Everything that I plan towards/do/think of must be “BontleFriendly” she’s my reason to be alive, positive and to keep going, get my shid together. I value peace and calmness the most and anything that jeopardises that I cut off no interviews whatsoever. I cut off .

What is self-hate to you? And have you been a victim of it? OMGoodness, YES. I get emotional when I think of it. I guess it all stems from the things that we endure that hurt us and make us question our self-value because of rejection, you wonder why you were rejected. You start to look at yourself from the outside thus how you look and you look at another female and you end up doing a comparison of you too forgetting that you are your own person, you cannot possibly look like uLerato or Zanele no. There can only be one you. It took me some time to realise this, it took being a mother to realise there can never be another me, lol, uThabitha. My daughter looks at me in the most amazing breathtaking way. She trusts me. She doesn’t doubt me. She believes me. She sees all things nice when she looks at me lol sometimes she compliments me with her tiny toddler voice she be like “mmmhh nice munchie” lol she makes me blush and I love it, she’ll be three next month. I’m raising a QUEEN. It feels great, absolutely wonderful knowing that someone has so much love, trust for you with absolutely no ulterior motives. It’s pure.


Do you still have issues with self-esteem? And what helps you snap out of it? Sometimes yes I still find myself not feeling on top of the world. Sometimes I just cry literally. I try not to let myself go back there I reject and refuse to mix with people either it be men/women who talk ill of other people, judge people. Tlogelang bana ba bangwe. We can’t all be fleeking ka di eyebrows and chokers! I’ve never done my ‘brows and I’ll never so somblief fleek alone. I’ll fleek with my own vibes lol. Anyway yes batho ke bona ba crushang di self esteem tsa bana ba bangwe, it so sad because even men do that, to other women. Heh #SMH

When did you learn to start loving the woman you are? After millions of heartbreak, anxiety breakdowns, rejections, failure so many times because why I still have 2eyes, 2arms, 2legs, I can walk, I can talk. Laugh. I can do everything that I was doing before I was broken down and more. I still rock my jeans hot, kudu much! Kwaaks coz my booty too gorgeous lol ok I’m feeling myself now. Next Qs?! Hahaha

What do you think has influenced your confidence?  For me when you’re feeling insecure, you feel helpless, weak, unsure of yourself. You also become reliant on external validation. Other people’s opinions mean a lot. Behaviourally, this means that you take fewer risks, you don’t express yourself, you take up the minimum amount of physical space, follow others, and so on. I brought back my confidence. I just woke up one day and decided “fuck everyone else what about me” some call it selfish but I choose not to care anymore because at the end of the day I need to do things that make me feel good and happier.

What are your passions and inspirations? I’ve always been into works of women empowerment on every level possible either it be educational, career wise, motherhood, relationships and so forth. I aspire to work with NGO that will help to eradicate stereotyping and stigma towards batho ba bomme. Stigmatising is wrong, I hate that shit.

Do you have any fashion/beauty icons, if so who are they? My beauty icon is Claire Mawisa. She’s gorgeous and flawless! I love her.

If you could meet your younger self, what would you say to her? “..girl your are gorgeous..”

If you had to tell one thing to every little girl in the world, what would it be? ..everything happens for a reason, everything that you encounter in life today is preparing you for something even greater tomorrow. Relax enjoy this. Learn from your mistakes and please don’t compare yourself with the person next to you. They don’t match up to you. You are your best.

Where can we find you on social media? Thabitha thabs Mahlangu on FB. I’m such an inactive #intagramer I forgot my handle lol even on twitter. Sorry but Facebook I’m there. Sohlangana khona ke.

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