Name: Thobeka Mthembu

Age: 26

Life quote: “Don’t play yourself ” – Dj Khalid

What does it mean to be a woman (in this day and age) and what is the most important thing to you as a woman? It means having the power that resides in our mothers, grand mothers and other women that have been apart of creating an new narrative for what a woman is.. for me being a woman means strength and being able free in who we are and represent. It means that I can do and be who I want. That my capabilities are far more than they were for our elders. That I can study what I want. I can be the CEO – the mechanic- the father. That strength lies in me.

What is self-hate to you? And have you been a victim of it? Self hate for me is when you have lost faith in yourself and what you stand for. I have been victim of it- feeling like I wasn’t good enough, that my Teeth are my straight enough, that my cellulite is too much , that I can’t wear what I want because I hated what I saw .. that I couldn’t achieve all my desires and dreams.. and hopes.

Do you still have issues with self-esteem? And what helps you snap out of it? Yes I do but I now know who I am. I now wake up and realize that only I can write the narrative of what the day will bring. I have began to love the realness of what I have and that there’s no other Thobeka like me. That I don’t need to be perfect to feel good about myself. Iv also started to always say positive things into being that help me snap out of the issues

When did you learn to start loving the woman you are? I think a shift happened in me about a week or two before I turned the big 25.. where I started to re question and re think myself and what I stand for as a woman. This happened again a few weeks ago when I turned 26 and I now know that every year that passes from now on will feel like this.. that loving myself has always been there but with wisdom and growth we then can analyze and realize who we are. I know I’m a woman through all the struggles, the tears, the hurt and the growth too.. I’m still here standing.

What do you think has influenced your confidence? My faith!!!! Faith in my dreams. Faith in who I am and who I ultimately want to be in the world. Faith in the realness of what is Rand for. Also having abit of cheek has helped too- I stand behind Emmy short hair, my crooked smile and imperfections. They don’t define me .

What are your passions and inspirations? My passion is creating . In all forms. From writing, to radio, to tv etc. I have been inspired by the world around me especially women in Media that have paved the way for young black women to start owning all forms of media. Your Connie Fergusons , Khanyi Dhlomo and Nicky Greenwall

Do you have any fashion/beauty icons, if so who are they? I have no answer here LOL

If you could meet your younger self, what would you say to her? It’s going to be alright. I’m proud of your perseverance and willingness to be patient in all things, it’s not the end of the road but the road is going to be better.

If you had to tell one thing to every little girl in the world, what would it be? You are a Queen- you are powerful and you are loved!

Where can we find you on social media?

Twitter : @Thobi_M

Facebook: Thobeka Mthembu

Instagram: Thobi_Rose

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