Name: Vanessa Majoro

Age: 26

Life quote: Everything in my life at this precise moment in time, is as it should be.

What does it mean to be a woman (in this day and age) and what is the most important thing to you as a woman? Stopping ho bapala the defenseless victim all the damn time. ✋✋
Realizing and embracing independence. Getting that paper 💰💸💲 Continuously learning and improving your skills. The sad part of being a black woman in the corporate world, is that you need to work twice as much in order to be noticed. In the words of the king “slay trick or be eliminated”.
Uplifting other people with kind words… Even when they notice your new shirt or dress STILL has a price tag on and let you walk around with it for the entire day😩.

What is self-hate to you? And have you been a victim of it?  Me not seeing myself anymore and only being aware of the form of matter or substance I am.
Becoming silent on matters I feel very strong about because I’ve convinced myself that I have no voice. To some degree allowing anyone to take advantage of me. Choosing to stay hopeless

Do you still have issues with self-esteem? And what helps you snap out of it?

Yes I do. I’ve built up a filter within me. I am aware of what will take me back into darkness. Overcoming depression has a way of making me love life more. Finding beauty even in the mundane. Seeking it out in the words people exchange, trying a new path on your way to work, breaking away from the routine. Focusing on the beauty that surrounds me, makes me embrace my own uniqueness and the rate at which I’m doing life.

When did you learn to start loving the woman you are? During my pregnancy. I reached a point of complete love for my unborn daughter and regardless of how I felt about all these physical changes, having her was the most amazing experience ever. The weight gain and stretch marks really have nothing on being her mama😍

What do you think has influenced your confidence? See the two points before this one lol (I’m really lazy btw)🙈🙊

What are your passions and inspirations? I love visual art. It revives me. I love creating art and and being inspired by it. If all these people who have gone before have made the world a more bareable place through their gifts, then I owe it to the world to get my shit in order and work! I’m also such a dreamer whoooo 🙌. I am aware that it will take me years to reach them, but I know it will work out.

Do you have any fashion/beauty icons, if so who are they? Jill Scott is life. Jill is sensual. Jill is intellect. Jill is sexy. Jill is soul. Jill loves the skin she’s in. She tries different styles out as she grows. I really love her❤💋

If you could meet your younger self, what would you say to her? There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert. Continue keeping your circle small.💅 You’re a creative too, you’ve got so much skill. Keep working at it, don’t listen to the voice that discourages you, listen to the voice you hear and the feels whenever you draw or paint.😄

If you had to tell one thing to every little girl in the world, what would it be? Don’t grow up to be that grumpy ausi in the taxi that thinks SO HIGHLY of herself and so lowly of others, to a point ya hore she doesn’t want to take people’s money😒😒😒

Where can we find you on social media?

Insta: @artandallitsisms_


G+: Vanessa Majoro

Twira: @VuhnesuhM

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