Miss Soweto 2020 Launches Campaign To Support People With Mental Illness

Miss Soweto 2020 Thobile Steyn has launched the #EndingGenerationalStigma campaign that seeks to shed light and break the stigma on mental health issues that affect communities, businesses, families, and individuals. #EndingGenerationalStigma campaign aims to provide assistance to people with mental health challenges and drive conversations to help increase awareness about Mental Health.

October is dedicated to raising awareness about mental health by educating and reducing the stigma around mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and bipolar that a lot of people deal with daily. Through this campaign, Thobile Steyn is pledging for support from businesses, NPOs, government entities, professionals, and the general public to bring forth any type of service offering or donation, that will all go towards that will go towards supporting World Changers Mental Health Care Organization – an initiative established to provide first-line support for individuals, families, corporate and government employees who need assistance in emotional and mental health situations. 

“Tackling and raising awareness on mental health issues is what we need to help us progress as a society. These are issues that have affected people through generations and are not spoken of enough which results in people not getting the relevant help they need due to lack of awareness. The aim is to be a generation the ends the stigma around mental health,” said Thobile Steyn, Miss Soweto 2020.

According to the Mental Health Federation of South Africa, there are over 17 million people who have mental health issues in South Africa, which is a considerable large amount. Even with so many people dealing with mental health issues, there is still a lack of awareness about mental health challenges which limits people to receive the necessary help they need to manage them. The stigma against mental health is real. Through this campaign, Thobile hopes to help break the stigma and promote effective conversations around mental health and encourage seeking help. 

To donate as little as R50 rand towards helping World Changers Mental Health Care Organization, please visit

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