Moselantja Mokhachane

My hair is… voice.

Before we went on lockdown, I’d… usually wash my hair once a week and do braids because they can last longer and help grow my hair.

My hair routine has changed now… I’d really like to do cornrows… the deep small ones… they help to enrich my hair and hair line is always strong.

The challenge with my hair is… very hard and has clots. Even when relaxed it only takes a day and goes back to being hardware.

My lockdown hairstyle is… an afro… my mom does my hair in this lockdown I must say she is doing a very good job.

Top tip(s) anyone with your hair type can use to keep hair healthy and strong this winter? Make sure you always wash it keep it clean and healthy.

My favourite ORS product to use is the… Black Castor Oil.

You can find me at Dorah Black Ish Mokhachane on Facebook.

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