The treatment category according to Nielsen’s makes up around 3.5% of the ethnic market within SA. MPL is known as the leader within the category, with over two decades of experience and becoming the trusted name in scalp and head health. With its wide range of oils and pomades to treat most scalp and hair issues, the brand continues to strive to meet the hair needs of South Africans.

The Hair Doctor and oil treatment category leader introduces the MPL Black Castor Oil, an extension to the already bestselling oil treatment range. The MPL brand is well known for improving the overall health of the hair, the Black Castor Oil is no exception. Whether you have natural or chemically treated hair, the Black Castor Oil is sure to grant your hair excellent results.

β€’ Regular use will help to leave the hair feeling stronger and thicker
β€’ Also suitable as a treatment product for dandruff and dry scalp
β€’ Rich with omega 9 fatty acids which are known to have a conditioning and moisturizing effect on the scalp and the hair
β€’ Also helps improve scalp circulation and hair lustre

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  1. I just bought mine yesterday, hoping for best results as i have always had with other MPL products..

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