[News] My Skincare Coterie: Your Next Skincare Life Partner

Trying to get the perfect skincare product can somewhat be problematic since there are quite a number of products to choose from. Now, all your worries have been put to rest as My Skincare Coterie is your next skincare life partner.


What makes My Skincare different from all the other skincare products? My Skincare Coterie is a 100% natural Vegan skincare product with no animal by-products or synthetic ingredients (such as mineral oil or petroleum). My Skincare products are not tested on animals and do not have any repulsive preservatives.

Applied to Beauty Without Cruelty, My Skincare Coterie is a strictly non-toxic product. The products have such an enticing smell, that you would want to indulge in some of the products.

Vegan skincare products in South Africa are not plentiful and My Skincare Coterie wants to be the first marketed proudly Vegan skincare range. This is the product that will soothe your skin while you are protected from the sun with its very natural SPF protection.

What does coterie mean? Just because My Skincare Coterie is just an epic brand, it means a small group of people with shared interests or tastes, especially one that is exclusive of other people.

Why use plastic containers and not glass?

Haley Rieckhoff, My Skincare Coterie founder stated: “I have a 7 year old daughter who can get very excited when I get excited about a new creation and things tend to go flying. I would have had a number of causalities if the packing was glass.”

Some of the My Skincare Coterie range includes:


Eye Makeup Remover
Oil based with Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil which helps sooth puffy eyes and dark rings while, of course being an incredible make-up remover and nourishes the eye area.

After cleansing your face, My Skincare has toners that have a very gorgeous smell. Currently in two options Rosewater and Geranium. They contain all the goodness of the plant material including the benefits of the essential oils.

Body Mousse
It has the consistency of a warm marshmallow and keeps it form like a mousse. Incredibly nourishing and lasts for at least 24 hours without the need to re-apply. They are currently in 3 variants – Lemon and Lime, Cinnamon and Vanilla, Rose and Grapefruit.

Lip Balms
The My Skincare lip balms come in three variants – Vanilla Mint, Vanilla Lemon and Cherry Rose. The wax used to create the lip balm – Carnauba Wax keeps lips nourished great taste and definitely keeps your lips glowing.

Your skin will never look revitalized, nourished and healthy until you indulge into My Skincare products. Let My Skincare be your life partner, let My Skincare nourish your skin.

For more information about this amazing vegan product you connect with My Skincare on social media:
Facebook: @MySkincareCoterie
Instagram: @MySkincareCoterie

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