​September the 1st 2014… 

You know that conversation you have with yourself right before you cut your hair in hopes of convincing yourself why you shouldn’t cut it? Well, it never happened! I just woke up and headed to the barber to cut my hair with absolutely no intentions of going natural. I’ve always had relaxed hair and for the longest time, that was my normal. However, after that spring morning, the idea of applying chemicals which in fact, burnt my scalp countless times, was no longer appealing. In all honesty I was happy with having no hair lol. I enjoyed the idea of submerging my head in water when taking bathes, I had no hair worries. 😃

As my CROWN was getting longer, I grew more in love with it and so I started stalking natural hair blogs to learn more about how to take care of it. From all the blogs I read I created a hair regime, which I follow till to this day. Without boring you too much with the details, this is my hair regime:

  • So I’d begin by washing my hair with warm water (I no longer use any shampoo because some shampoos tend to dry out your hair)
  • I’d then deep condition (I mix my deep conditioner with olive oil)
  • I apply hairspray, my own oil blend which includes pure coconut oil (available at clicks) olive oil and glycerine and I end of with a leave in conditioner.
  • I then detangle my hair, put it in a twist then let it air-dry. 

These are the different hairstyles I wear after I take out the twist:





We all know how incredibly hard it is to maintain natural hair but it is worth it! Although when I need a little break from my hair I braid it or put it in cornrows.

I read somewhere that “the biggest problem with black women is that they think their hair is a problem”. My hair is the furthest thing from a problem, it’s my natural state of being. My hair journey was unintentional but I hope I can inspire one woman to embrace her natural hair. 

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