​I feel more “relaxed” when “Natural”… 

So I decided to go natural in 2011 mainly because I found natural hair more alluring then relaxed hair. I’d see girls with beautiful fros and just die with envy & besides,  my relaxed hair had stopped growing so I thought why not though ! !?. . .why not!!?

I then decided to take the transitioning route rather than doing the B.C (big chop). & hey, I have to admit that it wasn’t an easy ride at all. I had times where I wanted to relax my hair because my hair was so hard and difficult to comb it was frustrating until I started reading and researching more about our black hair and how to maintain it. Now, those days are over. My hair is now my best feature 💜👌 

Throughout my natural journey, I’ve learned that if you make time for your hair and nurture it, feeding it all the necessary natural oils & loving it unconditionally in its NATURAL state.(with all the shrinkage and stuff )It will grow and even grow longer and healthier then you had expected! Making time for your hair is key. 

I believe we should all

Invest in our own natural hair♡ There’s more magic to your Hair than you’re told!

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