I never actually imagined myself going natural, it seemed like a far fetched dream. But after my childhood infection reoccurred I had no other choice but cut my relaxed hair and go back to basics.

I started of by playing around with my short hair and experimenting with different hair cuts. But those weekly barber visits started getting a bit exhausting and realized itโ€™s about time I start growing my natural. Boy oh boy nothing could have prepared me for the amount of work that comes with growing natural hair. But as they say the good always outweighs the bad. And this Iโ€™m enjoying the process.

Thanks to wigs I didnโ€™t have to stress about my hair being too short to even hold a Benny and Betty plait. Every night I would simply moisturise my hair with coconut and olive oil and apply castor oil on my hair line in an attempt to revive it (this has become my daily routine). I actually realized that when my hair was relaxed I was simply going the bare minimum which put a lot of strain on my hair and skull.

Fast forward 3 months later my hair is long enough not to tie a proper bun. But I can at least plait Benny and Betty. I only visit the salon once a month when Iโ€™m going for my treatment but everything else is DIY. I canโ€™t wait for my fro to be long enough to tie a bun but for now Iโ€™ll stick to my Benny and Betty and wearing wigs.

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