All my life I have always had a lot of hair, strong and capable of growing to be very long. But all my life I have always been so intimidated of going natural. I mean, how was I was going to handle my hair in its natural state, being so bushy and thick? I have always had relaxed hair because of obvious reasons: It was easy to manage and not so thick to comb and like any other woman with relaxed hair, we are naive to the damage chemicals do to our scalp and hair.

Anywho, in 2016 January we were experiencing severe heat waves in the Gauteng Province and the country at large. The way it was so hot, on impulse I went to the salon and I asked the guys to cut my hair, they refused! They refused because my relaxed hair was very long and they didn’t understand why I would want to part ways with such long hair, lol! So, I went to another salon and the guy there did not hesitate to chop it all off: “ke kopa ebe brush” I said. And so, I parted ways with my relaxed hair like that!

Since then, I would cut my hair every now and then, undecided what to do with it when it grows. So, I decided to grow an Afro! And to my surprise, it wasn’t that hard to manage!! 😊. Most of the time, my Afro is in cornrows. I maintain it by basing my scalp with hair food. I use Pure Royal Hair food, MPL Coconut oil and Hair Spay of course.

I read an article somewhere that natural oils do wonders for your hair, so sometimes I also base with castor-oil. Apparently, you must not over wash your Afro, I only wash it once a month or so. Heat is also not good for our ethnic hair too- my Afro only encounters heat when it was to be plaited. Another great thing about an Afro is that you don’t have to comb it too!!

I have had my Afro for +-6 months and I do a lot of research on how to keep it healthy and strong because its my first time going this route. But till thus far the journey has been effortless and worth it. My Afro is growing in an amazing rapid rate, it always looks bigger than the last time. Our natural hair just naturally grows as nature intended, thick, bushy, strong and a perfect crown for every natural Queen!

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