It all began after a spontaneous hair color change. I dyed my hair a beautiful Maroon colour or as the box wrote Ruby Red, it turned out beautifully and I looked amazing even if I say so myself, but the after effects weren’t so beautiful. As it grew I went back to relaxing and a period of cornrows – my hair felt the effect and so did I. So one random Saturday I decided to cut it all off and vowed that I would no longer use chemicals on my hair and Iโ€™ve never looked back since.

It’s been a few years now and it hasnโ€™t been easy though. My hair is coarse with hectic shrinkage and tends to tangle a lot making it a mission in the mornings.

I realized conditioning is life. I condition as regularly as I can and this helps soften my hair and make it more manageable. Along with that I keep it braided – i love braids – braids eliminate the everyday hassle while encouraging growth but with that said, too much isnโ€™t good so I do have some breathing periods. Along the way I also discovered I have a really dry flaky scalp, so weekly wash and scalp basing session is a must. Even though it comes with a lot of maintenance I’m loving the progress.

Ultimately my goal is to have lusciously thick yet soft durable natural hair, so I’m patient with it, we are getting to know each other after all.

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