​I have a love hate relationship with my crown…

Mainly because of those days when I wake up and I don’t have the energy to do maphondo the night before. Plus, my fro is uneven. Oh well….

The last time I relaxed my hair was October 2008, for my matric dance. I remember going to the salon wanting to blow out my hair so I can plait yaki, when the hair dresser heard it was my matric dance she insisted on putting a weave on me. She won. I promised myself ke qetetse, I’d never relax my hair again. Trips to the salon were always daunting for my sister and I. We could never find relaxer that did not burn our scalp and leave us flaky. I remember at one particular salon, the ladies knew us and that we needed extra attention before they could place relaxer on our hair. All I can recall ke di Vaseline, baby oil and sprays of all sorts on our hair…but shem it would burn a little less when they did that. I could never understand why I had to go through all that. 

Years before I decided to stop relaxing my hair my sis had started growing an afro so I decided to just follow in her footsteps.
It started with me cutting my hair. I went short for a long while. When the fro would start growing I’d end up cutting it again ho ba I just had no patience tje!! If I could not find someone to plait me I’d wake up and go cut it. I was a student and not willing to pay all my pocket money at a salon. Besides I still hate trips to the salon. For me it was never a big deal, a life changing event. It was just a solution and an alternative to combing. It was never popular. I’d get people asking me why ke batla ho tshwana le moshemane, or telling me ekare ke moshemane. Others would think ha ke le lady, and I was forever asked ke kenya weave neng. I hated all these!! But I am grateful that from a young age I had decided hair was not a defining factor to who I was. Ke an extension of how I express myself.

Only started growing out my hair about two years ago. My genes don’t permit me to have a fully puffed up fro like I imagined, but I love my crown. Plus over the years I thought myself how to do my own hair. I wash it and plait it myself (except for when ke etsa essence-what some would call corn rows le straight up). I only spend on hair products like hair oils, hair food or fibre to plait. I am particular ka who touches my hair. I guess those trips to the salon did really traumatize me. I am proud of my Africa crown.

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