From childhood…
I was blessed with incredible hair, soft and grew regardless of what product I used. As a child I had natural (Pearl Thusi type of hair), but my mom grew tired of maintaining my natural hair, so she relaxed it.
I have never cut my hair in my entire life, it was only in 2015 December that I got rid of it. I was tired of my scalp being burnt by the relaxer, I cried because I didn’t know anything else outside long thick hair, I also enjoyed the compliments that came with my hair, such as; “is that your real hair?” , “what products do you use?” , “oh wow you have beautifully black hair” .
I was afraid, because I have a really round face, I always thought short hair was for oval faced people but it was through my colleagues that my confidence grew.
I’m addicted to short hair now, but I’m growing it naturally, I’m excited due to the fact that my hair grows fast and is naturally thick and black. I AM NOT AFRAID ANYMORE!!!!!

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