#MyNaturalCrown πŸ‘‘ : Meet Mandla Mathuthu

I’m half Zulu Half Ethiopian. Yeah I know that’s a very unusual mixed culture…

I have 4B naturally silky and curly hair in front because of my Ethiopian father’s side and I have dry coily 4C hair behind, because I love the silky curly side of my hair I trim of my head and do a German Cut so no one can know how my hair is behind. I once tried to relax my hair once when I did a Mohawk so my hair can look similar all over but after a week the growth started to show and I always got frustrated by the growth after every relaxing that’s why I stuck onto a German cut.

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My curly hair doesn’t give me a hard time I just do a wash and go with shampoo and spray it then I’m done no hassle or anything. I recently tried Aunt Jackie’s Hair care Range which is now available at Clicks and discovered I don’t need to relax my hair to make it curly I can just shampoo condition and use their moisturizer and seal it Up butter to lock in the moisture then put their Curl activating gel which smells divine by the way and my 4C hair is curled up just like the rest of my 4B hair in front.


I am now growing my hair and thinking of trimming it down to the same size as the one on the side but haven’t found the courage yet I just can’t handle seeing my hair that I’ve grown for 5 years on the floor of a salon maybe I will but not now I’m going to just grow it up and use my products and decide later anyways a Big Chop isn’t something you just decide in a day it takes time right?

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