My name is Mapitso and I have natural hair…

In varsity, I started thinking of going natural because, for the first time in my life, I saw black girls with natural hair and this inspired me and transformed the way I thought about my own hair. In December 2012 I decided to cut my hair short as a sign of starting over.

But I later relaxed it because of a haircut I liked. After that, I stopped with the chemicals.

Finally, in June 2015, I decided that the only way I would remain natural was if I locked my hair. So I started my dreadlocks journey and this year in June it will be 2 years. I never looked back. You see black hair is beautiful and there is something gorgeous about the way it looks on us. It gives us a true sense of emancipation and the pleasure of being rightfully black. I wish many girls would hop onto to being natural and I hope that soon we will inspire the younger generation.


I glow every day with pride because being natural enhances my inner beauty. Hair means a lot in our Africaness, it’s a spiritual symbol and it’s an important root that connects us to our truest selves.


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