I started my natural hair journey in 2015 around October after realizing and accepting that relaxer was simply too toxic for my hair. I’d attempted growing an afro before three years prior but had aesthetic success that cost me more time in the morning, dry hair and tears. The difference this time was that I knew what I wanted and didnt want from my hair. I didnt want difficult to manage natural hair, I didnt want to get that with blow out perm or any chemical, I did want to have fun with my hair, I did want it to be first and foremost healthy and thus, if it is meant to, it will grow which it did.

My experience while and since transitionin has been a journey i’ve not only enjoyed but one that I use as an example for others. Throughout our upbringing we’re told that our hair is difficult stubborn and should be hidden under braids and better looking weaves that look nothing like our own hair. I wanted to have good hair, in the form of my hair, my natural hair and with patience, reading, yes reading and a few style tips from YouTube I have managed to achieve mya natural hair goals: healthy, chemical free kinky 4c hair.

From the day I transitioned I have consistently used and maintained healthy hair habits with the Earthy range of products. I discovered the brand at work from a colleague who was using and selling it at the time. The products are made of organic ingredients and are so gentle and effective that they can be used on a toddler as well. Though specifically designed to meet the needs of afro and dreadlocks, because the range is all organic it has been successfully used by people with all hair textures with small tweaks in the routine. 

My routine is moisturise daily using the LOC method, co wash weekly and shampoo monthly. Wha I love about the products from Earthy is that they’re made to meet this routine therefore i dont have to be a product junky and risk products that don’t work together accumulating in my hair. I’ve been amazed and impressed with how those three steps have changed my entire hair experience.  That and hair habits like detangling when wet, sleeping with a satin scarf, choosing protective styles and stylists wisely has gifted me natural hair that I proudly call a crown. One born of nature and taken care of with nature’s best offering.

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