I guess it takes a lot to finally decide to grow your hair out naturally…

At first, it seemed like a good idea until it actually grew out and once it actually grew out I got stuck at the “what do I do now” stage. Also, I must admit lol, it is quite a mission to pull off an afro in its very early stages. I mean there were days I woke up and I would ask myself “vele you are going to work like this” and my sister would just wake up with a disapproving look when I went to work in that state. Lol there are days where I would be so frustrated and I would just be like f#$k it, they will have to accept how I look right now. Funny enough every time I went to work feeling like I stepped on an electrical cord my colleagues would tell me I look good. 🤔 they were selling me dreams neh? However, I would feel a little better about myself after those compliments lol.


I have a special relationship with my hair. I would like to think I have a lot of personalities and I love bringing them to life with changing my hair. I think I have done it all, dyed it, weaved it and cut one side of the head cause hey Riri can do it, why can’t Nthati do it. I love how it transforms me into another me. I mean good hair boosts your confidence mahn, more so if it yours and natural.

Being natural is difficult. You realize how little you know about your hair and how little the black salons also know about natural hair. I mean the first problem we have to deal with is paying R50 for a wash when a person with relaxed hair pays R20….anyine perhaps telling us we use more shampoo? Do not get me started with the detangling procedure. It is

Do not get me started with the detangling procedure. It is difficult, yes but the results of natural hair that is well taken care of is amazing. We should start believing in our hair and its potential. You just need patience and a hairdresser that understands that ‘pulling harder to plait your hair breaks it and it does not make it grow longer”. I am currently growing my hair again and i am happy to say I know better now going into the growth journey again.


Also, is it not beautiful that stores are making it easy for us to get access to natural hair products now? 😋

Man, I see beautiful hair story coming up this year with all these products. ❤

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