So I grew up with my mom either cutting my hair…. brush cut or plaiting it at home with black wool and if she got tired of it or was stressed my hair was the outlet…. there comes the scissors. Fast forward to me now being in charge of my hair. Guess what I did ? I would braid as per usual but I’d get tired that it’s not growing then snip snip snip. My hair never grow beyond a certain point and it never needed relaxing because it was very soft as natural as it was but for the sake of looking like that dark and lovely girl…. once in a while I’d relax but this didn’t help in anyway. I then decided to not relax ever and just blow dry it out.

Although from the blow drying, tight hair styles and lack of good care my hairline became a myth and my hair still didn’t flourish they way I wanted. I decided to cut again and grow it back but be extra careful about what I use and who touches my hair. I started my own research about natural hair and how to nourish, grow it etc. Learnt how to use only oils and hot oil etc. Found that some oils didn’t work well for my hair texture and that moisturizer and hairfood that was supposedly meany for black hair my natural hair was a big no no. Yes I started reading the labels and knowing what to look out for.

Fast forward again about 2 years ago I then found a new local product from my sister in law. It’s for both natural and relaxed hair. I used a little bit and it kept the moisture in my hair for two days and felt great. I placed an order for the whole kit : Volumliscious shampoo, oil , hair food for about 300 I think. I have never looked back since. My hair hasn’t grown to were I’d like it but my hairline has come back , it’s getting thicker and I like my hair now.

I wash my hair at home, condition , hot oil and plait at home because I have not found a salon in the North that won’t force me to blow dry my hair because they straighten out my coils !!

I have developed a good healthy relationship with my hair. My hair lady will tell you that my hair is always oiled because just like how you put lotion on your skin everyday , your scalp also needs that love. That helps get rid of dandruff and helps with growth.

My hair regimen:

  • Wash every two weeks maximum but ideally weekly.
  • Deep condition with native child conditioner or Mr Miracles deep conditioner.
  • Hot oil with my Volumliscious hair growth oil ad native child Shea Butter and coconut oil
  • Wash out with Volumliscious shampoo or native child conditioner
  • Dry hair with towel. But still keep a bit of moisture.
  • Spray with Volumliscious hair moisturizer
  • Then knot it out to lengthen.

It’s a whole procedure which I’d have to pay over R200 at the salon I bet but I’m glad to do it by myself for now because it teaches me patience , I get to understand my hair better and know how to treat it.

I could go on but your hair is your crown. Treat it well and it will do the same for you.

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