#MyNaturalCrown #BlackBeauty

I’ve always worn my hair proudly even back in the days when I used to have it straightened, but I have to say the best decision I ever took was when I decided that I am done with chemicals on my hair, I am done with the image I knew just wasn’t me. November 2012 I decided to cut my hair and start being all natural and embrace “Africanism”.

My road was not an easy one, as a person who suffers from anemia this means sometimes my iron levels becomes low and that affects my hair very badly, it comes off, it becomes weak, brittle and just starts to break, so every year at least twice I go through a period where I need to take extra care of the hair, which is time-consuming and money-consuming cause just coconut oil in such instances doesn’t work so more products needs to be bought including a diet change, never good on my pocket. But it has been a wonderful journey, got me to be a ‘black’ woman, and love being a black woman. I bonded with my hair and more and more everyday I fell inlove with it.

Through sickness and health, poor and rich..lol we’ve had each other. I have bold spots on my head and can’t grow hair on those areas, but I have come to know how to style my hair and hide the mishaps. Although I love my hair, there is a lot of frustration with it as you can see, my other biggest problem is that I have three different textures on my hair, one is very coarse, typical African hair we love it , then the other very soft took it from mommy’s side, the only portion of the head that actually grows long and have to cut it often, the other other is a mixture of the two. Frustrating really, but it’s all about knowing which products to use, which hair styles to go with. It’s really been a journey, and the more people fall in love with natural hair, the more people go natural, it just puts a smile on my face, cause this hair is just beautiful, we can wear it any way we want, braiding, holding it up, I mean a lot even just straightening it up, once a year or so I mean why not.


Wear your crown black child… hair that is not defined by the laws of gravity.

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