#MyNaturalCrown 👑 : Meet Tebogo Nkadimeng

Shuu where do I even begin, you know a mess? Yes a mess that’s what my hair was for the longest time, in 2013 I was in an abusive relationship with hair relaxer , the straw that broke the camels back was me adding dye to my already thinning already dead hair, my follicles were like “oh hell no bitch” and they gave up the fight,


My hair started falling out in clumps, it was bad, went home ( was in varsity at the time) cried to my mother and asked her to do her thang, she gave me a nice neat haircut, left me with a little bit of growth to start again, best decision I have ever made,


Fast forward to 2018 and countless bad hair decisions later, including the dreadlocks that put my hairline in intensive care, my hair itself is longer and stronger than it has ever been, my hairline is still in recovery, critical but stable, currently my hair is locked again because I love dreadlocks and I am a sucker for punishment besides, I’m planning on doing things right this time around, taking care of my dreads and not expecting them to take care of themselves like I did last time,


My current hair routine I got from watching endless YouTube hair tip videos,

starts of with a shampoo and condition, then I add rice water to my hair and let it sit in a shower cap for about 4 hours then I rinse it out after that I towel dry and add grape seed oil and follow it up with an olive oil cream and plat my hair again


Most importantly I think regardless of a persons hair regimen the best things to stimulate hair growth are consistency and faith,that is a lesson I learnt hopping from brand to brand, forgetting that My hair and the next persons hair are not the same,


I would see how amazing someone else’s hair and ask what products they used and go out and buy them instead of asking the right questions like, have you always had long hair?


At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what the products you’re using are, if you don’t trust that they will work and only use them now and then sporadically, your hair probably won’t change much if at all, consistency is the best thing you can do for your hair and skin.


    What has become of my natural hair today is what I learnt from Tebo

    Hi Mapule 😂 very small world, Unfortunately my hair is very seldom out because ( well it’s horrible ) and I protective style a lot so I don’t take that many pictures, will let my mom know one of kids is doing well.

    Wow, small world. Went to the same high school with this lady and her mom was my Grade 2 teacher. I remember how her hair was, please show us more pictures in these stories

      Oh serious? Ya it’s a small world indeed 😊 I post what I get but I’ll be sure to ask for more pictures 🌻

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