#MyNaturalCrown ๐Ÿ‘‘ : Meet Thabisa Ngobese

I wish that I had an amazing story to tell regarding my hair, a story with phrases such as “My identity is embedded in my hair” or “I grew my afro for confidence and personal growth” or some other gibberish that would make me sound like an advocate for natural hair and beauty. The truth is I woke up one day and decided I wanted to cut my hair.

I did not procrastinate over the decision, I didn’t have any moment of doubt, I just did it. That has always been my journey with my hair. I do what feels right at that time, in front of that salon mirror. I kept my hair short for about four months but then became bored with it, and let it grow out. As it got longer I started braiding it, I had no game plan, no end result expectations except to look pretty at that precise moment. Forward a couple of months and I have a head full of gorgeous, amazingly soft, thick black natural hair.

I won’t lie, I’ve gone to the salon three times with the sole purpose of relaxing my afro, but for once in my life I have procrastinated over the decision, battled with myself and up until now decided to leave it as is. Yes combing is painful and blow drying feels like an hours session at the gym (that’s the closest torturous description I can come up with right now) but I’m happy and content with how my hair looks. I am also amazed at the positive responses my hair has generated. I’ve never received such, not even when rocking an 18′ Peruvian weave.

The best thing is that if I feel bored I can always put on a wig, get braids done or do a million other things that don’t require my hair to be ‘chemically violated ๐Ÿ˜œ (yaaassss I sound like an activist right now). I don’t know what my hair will look like in six months time, maybe I’ll do dreadlocks or go bald, but for now I’m embracing my current look and having fun experimenting with it.

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