This is my story about my afro… 

I regard my hair as one of the best features God blessed me with, its soft, curly and looks beautiful and healthy but again it is one of my biggest struggles.
`Rae Amari_-42
I’d say my Natural Soul Sista look is my great signature look, as I ROCK IT TOO WELL.
The struggle then comes with the maintenance of it, as I would have to regularly wash it with the right products, letting it air dry as the dryer damages it and twisting it almost every night just so that I avoid shrinkage and it getting damaged and that is just a mission. Having an afro allows me to be creative with how I style my hair and the different looks I can pull therefore making it easy for me to wear my hair with any type of dress code.
I love my natural hair because it is part of what defines me as an African lady.

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