I’d always relaxed my hair until I was 16. Then I decided to cut my hair and start growing it naturally. It wasn’t an easy task but it had to be done because after many years of splurging on relaxers, my hair was starting to fall out.

When I started growing an afro, I didn’t really follow a natural hair maintenance routine – in fact, I didn’t even know that I had to moisturise my scalp daily.  As a result, hair would break and I had to cut and start afresh every other year, which was tiresome.

Everything changed recently when I learnt to braid my own hair and started taking my hair seriously. To make sure it had the volume and the soft texture I wanted, I started treating it with hair mayonnaise at least once a month and giving it a normal wash every two weeks.  My hair became my obsession and I enjoyed having it plaited, but the protective plaiting I had to do every night just to make sure it didn’t shrink became a bit too much.

Combing my hair was also a major issue – the more it grew, the more difficult it became. In August 2016, I decided to lock it into dreadlocks. The reason for this was because I still wanted to keep my hair as natural as possible without combing it – dreadlocks was the answer. And with this transition, I discovered that if I really wanted my hair to grow nicely, I’d have to be patient with it and enjoy the journey.
During the first few months with dreadlocks I visited the salon every two weeks where they would wash, twist and style it to lock.
Finally! Some positive results. My hair has now grown into a healthy crown, it’s so long that I can tie it into a bun. I am now able to style it in many ways including letting it hang loose. My hair is my pride and I wear it with confidence.

Here is how I keep a healthy crown:

● I moisturise my scalp with the Caivil Fusion oil Hair Gro Essence every day. It is infused with black castor oil and argon oil.
● I use Dark and Lovely Naturale shampoo and conditioner to wash it. These products contain no sulphates, but rather have mango oil and bamboo milk.
● I used to use Pure Royal hair spray until I discovered the Caivil Naturals marula oil spray. It’s sulphate and paraben-free and is not only a nourishing spray but also a scalp soother.

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Story source on IOL

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