My return to my natural crown… 

Sometime in 2014 I made the decision to return to my natural crown. And that was the beginning of my transitioning. I opted not to do the big chop simply because I had just recently cut my hair and didn’t want short hair again, short hair was a lot of work and I was tired. For about 13 months thereafter I grew out my overly processed hair. And for every 4-6weeks of growth I would trim a cm or two of my processed ends.

During this period I kept my hair in protective hairstyles because my hair had two different textures and was very delicate and prone to breaking where the two textures met. These were probably my worst natural hair days, as I didn’t quite know how to maintain it and I was still learning my hair and what products would or wouldn’t work for my hair type. During this transitioning period, I kept my hair protected by braiding and at times did freehand cornrows for times I felt my hairline was taking strain from all the braiding.


By June the following year, 2015, my crown was all natural.

In the last two years of been natural again I have had some bad hair days, but mostly beautiful fro days. My hair is naturally soft, thick and so easy to maintain. Which is probably why it’s so versatile and makes my natural hair days beautiful days really.

My go to protective hairstyles is a halo twist – simple, quick and works for all occasions. When I feel my hair needs a real break, or when season is harsh like winter, I braid. This not only protects my hair but also gives my hair a chance to grow and repair itself.


From day 1 I have been using coconut oil, which a friend of mine Pearl introduced me to. I’m a huge fan of coconut oil, as it’s worked for me during my transitioning and even more so now that my hair is 100% natural. My hair has remained soft, manageable and healthy.


Coconut Oil is my natural hair secret. That and a little water, deep conditioning and treatment as well as kind hands and a patient stylist.

If you’re kind to your hair, your hair will grow and be as beautiful as you want it to be.

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