My hair, my crown…
In 2000 I decided to stop relaxing my hair. With a towel in hand, it took me one day to lock my hair. I wore my crown with pride for 13 years, I used to joke that my kids would not recognize me without them. I loved the fact that I could adjust my crown according to my mood, wear it up or let it loose.

unnamed (3)


In 2013, my little one lost a battle against a rare disease called fancomi anaemia at the age of 7. I had to cut my crown, one chapter of my life closed.


I now spotted short hair, one of the best I now spotted short hair, one of the best feelings ever was being able to shower from head to toe. I never realized how much I missed that, manageable hair.

These days I rock it according to my mood…

The no care in the world mood:

unnamed (2)

The “village girl in me” mood:


I have regained my crown, wait a minute……I never lost my crown, I just adjusted it.


I wear my crown with pride, naturally me.


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