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Here we are again – round 2 of the #MyNaturalCrown Series and my hair journey has done a complete 360 from last year (here’s my first story). I’ve been a naturalista since I was in grade 9 (uhhh let me calculate hantle… that should be 2005 just before hitting the big sweet 16) and I really found it to be my proudest and sometimes challenging journey yet. Growing out your hair with it’s natural roots is no joke – ke mosebetsi ntho ena. Especially because your hair has it’s own personality. My experience with afro has been real – shrinkage, blow out e smart, blow out e PMS’ang – like I could never tell nje which mood my hair was in lol. No more of this shuuu…


So I started my loc journey again mid-November last year when I really realized I’m not the “twist out and chill” kinda girl. I went back to the place where it all started the first time, ko South Locs in Braamfontein. The person who did my hair back then was ausi Nonhlanhla and I managed to find the perfect replacement – abuti Vusi. Yoh guys, this stylist does the things shame, ene he makes the pots happen during the wash yoh! So this was me at the salon, pre-locing and post-locing… Hehehe they say you never know how crusty you look until you sitting in-front of a salon mirror lol yah neh.

I’m no stranger to having locs and I must say that I enjoy the sort of low maintenance they have. I hardly have time for anything because I’m working most of the time so the last thing I need after a long day is to worry about my hair. I also can’t go to the salon every two weeks to plait – I rather just twist my locs ka weekend over some Robertson’s Chapel Red while listening to bo Erykah Badu. This is where the good times with my hair come in – right after I’ve washed the hair, based my scalp and just feeling good.

And then there are the bad days… it’s really just my hairline. This is one pressing issue because it’s a struggle! I feel like this has been my hairline’s reaction to me ever since I lost most of it in 2012:

I’ve been looking for quick fixes since I started the locs again and used Afrocan Goddess, MPL and Olive Miracle (thanks to Darling Hair) as a hairline concoction and just based every morning. I started this regime in December…

… and still ka January e ne le struggle yoh! I almost cried when I saw the state ya my hairline here 😔😔😔 DURING THE PEOPLE 🤣🤣🤣 we must embrace the bad times in our lives sometimes akere…

By March ne se ke kwata coz I wanted fast results akere. I change the concoction and used MPL on the beginning of the hairline, Peini on the bald spots (it has a nice tingly feeling on the scalp) and Afrocan Goddess on my whole head (this grows my hair so fast). The below is my hairline currently – PROGRESS NGWANESO! Ereng returning hairline moo ngwaneng vele? 🤣

I’m loving my locs so much and I just appreciate the journey (which takes a while nje) but I’m willing to wait. Maybe one day when they are long I can be a Stylin’ Dredz Creative Conqueror like my hair goals queens ausi Lufuno le Xoliswa 😋



What I do to my hair:

– Wash every 2 weeks (when I can lol)

– MOISTURIZE (I’ve been told my hair is very thirsty) believe me, it’s helping

– DIY twist. Sometimes you don’t really need to spend hundreds of rands, iketsetse.

Want to share your story too? Send me a mail at

– with your story in celebration of your natural hair: this is at its best and worst times including pictures for me to share along with your story
– tips on what you do to keep your natural hair healthy and protected

PS: The Johannesburg Natural Hair Expo will be happening on the 24th of September 2018 and tickets are available! Keep your eyes locked on both our social media pages for updates and other great news (and Joburgers, keep your diaries open for the 1st of September 😁😁😁 we’ll be hosting an official photoshoot for naturalistas).


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    Thank you so much for sharing your hair journey, it’s true hey grooming natural hair is very challenging. Other days its like raising a disobedient child who wants to control their parents lol.
    I hardly go to the salon honestly I basically DIY from wash day once every week, deep conditioning twice a month, scalp massage with pure olive oil every other day… I do my own braids so I can control the pulling ke tshaba go ngangiwa and loosing my hairline.
    Ke rata Bennie and Betty which I also DIY..
    I use a lot of oils on my hair from olive oil, coconut oil, caster oil and shear butter. I always make sure I get organic oils with no added preservatives or anything harsh to my hair.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post 👑 Uhhh I used to do a lot of Benny and Betty ka afro lenna. Oils are really essential hape, and once you get the right one for you ho ba monate fela.. You just watch your hair grow

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