Ke women’s month next month – re sa tloba busy hee… well I’m busy making sure ho re I hook you guys up hantle for this special month with the new prints I just got. I’m talking amazing designs, naarce colours and improved material. Ke batla re be popping nje the whole month! With the launch of the new prints and plans for August, I’ve collaborated with the Johannesburg Natural Hair Expo for their 2nd edition of the coolest expo in town… and guest what? Moghel o etsa the #MyNaturalCrown series again.

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I’ll be collecting stories and be in search of the most authentic dialogue on hair as a huge part of the identity of women – and we’ll be giving away a prize for the best story! Entries are now open, submit your (or forward to someone you know that’s a naturalista) best and worst moments during your natural hair journey to by the 31st of July 2018. See some of last year’s #MyNaturalCrown stories for inspiration here We’ll also be hosting an official #MyNaturalCrown photoshoot on the 1st of September 2018, details to be shared soon.

Okay okay, let me get back to the reason of this post vele… *clears throat*

Introducing the Powerful 5…


  1. The Tiisetso print
  2. The Zamamiya print
  3. The Masinhle print
  4. The Thabitha print
  5. The Nthabiseng print

The prints are all named after the #byMaletsatsi tribe members (see more about them here) who have submitted they entries from the blog post “O Mang?“.

If you were keeping up with me on the social pages, you would have caught the amazing collaboration between Lebo Tshimo of uLove Studio and Mpho Thase of em.tee Thoughts where they match my doeks with shorts and kimonos which we showcased at Soweto Youth Festival last month. With this collaboration, I also introduced the Khauho, Lerato and Vanessa prints.

The online store is fully functional now so you can start making those orders… and yes I heard the guy’s cries and have introduced pocket squares in the product offerings! All shopping can be done here:

P.S.: There’s a July special on the doeks – special because the prices will go up to R120 in August. All orders made between now and end July will still get them at R100 and all orders will be ready for delivery from the 1st of August 2018. Chokers and pocket squares are sold separately and only available on request.



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