Being prepared on the Valentine’s Day is what separates the brief flings from the lifelong relationships, the boyfriends and girlfriends from the significant others… Valentine’s Day is the time to set yourself apart as a romantic partner, a friend, a crush… or just to treat yourself because you’re worth it. And Game is ready to make it happen.

To be a true leader on the road of romance, we need to show up on Valentine’s Day, fully stocked with the items that demonstrate that we care. Game is here to support those who believe in love, as the one-stop romance retailer. But Valentine’s is what you make of it… it can be a night of romance, a rom-com festival with the girls, or a leisurely night at home with the place to yourself. 

Game offers a suite of unbeatable deals on the items of affection. Pick up a bottle of bubbles – like the classic JC le Roux Le Domaine, something to sip while you sample some morsels of delicious love and affection.

A box of creamy, melt-in-the-mouth chocolates from Lindt should do the trick, evoking all the delicious feelings that made you become friends, or got you to fall in love in the first place. Strawberry, truffles, white or dark chocolate… share them alone or together and feel the Valentine’s vibe.    

For the main course, sample a succulent roast chicken meal, crisp and delicious, cooking together while enjoying a bottle of Nederberg white wine or a rich, fragrant pot of Nescafe coffee. Then, round things off with a sweet, creamy dessert of fruit salad, ice-cream and custard.

Pick up all these romantic ingredients at Game, your Valentine’s Day discounter. You can even put together your very own date in a box, and have it ready for the big day. For added relationship bonus points, round it all off with a special gift that’ll really make its mark.

What about a 7-inch Telefunken Quadcore tablet for your favourite online Valentine? Or a 34-piece Stramm toolkit for your home-improvement hero! Even better, crown the big day by unveiling a gift that changes the game – something like a 50-inch JVC television to take entertainment to the next level.

You also want your Valentine’s surprise to shine, no matter what the load-shedding schedule is. Kill two Valentine’s birds with one stone – load up on candles to boost the romance factor and keep the lights on if the power goes.

Whichever route you take, Game has got you, with gifts that are perfect to express your feelings for your special person, to cheer yourself up, or just to chill with a mate and celebrate friendship. The ideal ingredients are waiting for you at Game!

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