Hair is a very tricky subject and several reasons maybe why your hair is suffering and breaking. Below are some of the reasons why your hair is breaking and what you can do to address it effectively.

Reason 1: The overuse and misuse of product in your hair.  Hair colouring maybe trendy but that’s one of the big reasons why your hair is breaking. When you DIY dye your hair it is easy to get it wrong and mix the products unproportionally and this in the long run will affect your hair and create uncomfortable hair issues. However, the main question still remains “what can one use after bleaching hair?“…. One can hydrate hair by using hair oils or do a good deep conditioning treatment. For instance, one can make use of ORS Castor Oil and Vatika Masque Conditioner. Oil will help make your hair shiny and silky and also help tame your mane from being all frizzy. The masque will help make your hair stronger as it would have suffered from all the stripping of natural nutrients it went through while bleaching.  

Reason 2: Uninformed Styling. When many people style their hair it is based on trends either from the runway or at times TV shows. However, people need to know these styles tend to damage hair because they involve the pulling and radical combing of hair. For instance, one can get accustomed to doing an updo all the time and in time you will notice how your crown area will suffer from this because of your stylist or you keep pulling on your hair try and achieve a tight ponytail style. One can resolve this by making use of products such as Long And Lasting Triple Oil Rescue, Vatika Afro Naturals Curling Cream and Vatika Afro Naturals Hair Lotion. The Triple Oil Rescue will help you regrow the hair that has fallen off and the lotion will help make your hair light and fluffy when you let your hair down and styling it without tying it up and usual.

Reason 3: Overheating your hair leading to dryness. Heat is not a good element to introduce to natural hair. Heat dries your hair and also makes your hair pop everytime you comb it. Heating your hair soon after it has been shampooed is not a good idea, especially if it has not been given enough after treatment. Some after treatment products that can help you with this are ORS Curls Unleashed Shampoo (Sulfate Free) and Conditioner Aloe Vera. The product will help your hair recover by removing frizziness, dullness and adding more shininess. It is also advised that after shampooing and or washing you make use of Leave in conditioner for instance ORS Curls Unleashed Leave-In Conditioner, Long and Lasting Leave-In Conditioner and Vatika Afro Naturals Leave-In Conditioner. The products will provide moisture to your hair as this is a big component in growing your hair as well as detangle your hair to avoid breakage.

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