O Mang? A Call To The #byMaletsatsi Tribe

I’ve been contemplating naming the byMaletsatsi wraps since I started the business in 2014 but because I never repeat prints, I never saw the true value until I had a conversation with Lerato (Banny) and Black Panther reminded me. Names hold so much of who you are whether you love your name or not.

With me, I have so many names I even confuse myself on who I call myself when meeting people. So there’s:

Selloane – I was given this one by my paternal grandmother and loosely translated means “a small cry”. I’ve never really inquired about it but apparently it was an elders name and it was passed on to me. Now I’m not really fond of this one because of the meaning and for the longest time I’ve a cry baby le for the little inconveniences 😴. And now since I’ve started working, Sello has risen – because no one seems not know how to pronounce my name so Sello was better than “iSlwane” “Selowane” “Si” “Selwayne” “S”… 😷 I could go on. With the craziness of this name, a lot of people know me by it back home (family, friends) and some people at work.

Confidence – no further explanation here but mama ke ena ang fileng lona. This is where I draw my Queening attitude from when I’m not being a full-time introvert.

Ivana – ntate waka gave me this beautiful and it has a very unique name meaning “Gift from God”. This where I get my dutiful nature from, indication that I have a very important role to play on my time here on Earth. That role for me is direct more into preserving the African identity in the Western world.

With all these names, I felt I couldn’t find a balance especially from all the heaviness that came with Selloane. After months of asking for some light I got the name Maletsatsi. This one came straight from Baholo in a dream I had in 2009. The name stuck and really bought a lot of positive energy, heightened my nature creative making my direction journeying in life clearer.

Shuuu that was a lot! Okay back to what the post is about … We all have our stories about our names and they are truly unique to each one. So, byMaletsatsi needs you to name your wrap print honorable tribe member.

Want to know how to leave your mark? Answer the question, o mang? (Who are you?) in true Wakanda style (lol I just had to make reference). Submit your entry below by telling me who you are – your name and a one-liner comment on what makes you unique. Looking forward to your entries 😊😊😊


Featured image: Barbara Mason’s Zuri Sauda


    […] The prints are all named after the #byMaletsatsi tribe members (see more about them here) who have submitted they entries from the blog post “O Mang?“. […]

    You know how in the Sotho culture parents name their children after an event, be it horrible or blissful? Well, I was named by my grandfather, a reverend while alive. Biblically, my name means I was (am) a token of God’s mercy ( see what I did there 😂) for taking a life from the family.

    I am love… and I love HARD!! Which has brought me a lot of heartbreaks but I’ve learned that love is complex, especially the romantic love but I’m surrounded by love hey and that on its on should be enough…

    Mama named me Vanessa, coz she loved the name lol. Later on I found out that it means Butterfly. Could explain why I don’t stay in one place for too long 😂 and my deep connection with nature.

      And my relentless spirit make me unique.

    At birth I was named Tiisetso by my grandfather, meaning patience as a result I am so patient, calm, and passive it’s a curse 🙄😏

    Mom named me Darkie, I was a beautiful dark brown baby ♣

    Ntswaki my legal name I got from my father, because ke kgaitsedi ea hae and his siblings, ke kgaitsedi to my brothers and cousins, Ke Ntswakana wa bashenyana👑

    PS we get a one-liner why?

    Shuuu.. well my name is Zamamiya, and it’s so simple really. It’s part of a sentence “Intombi Zamamiya” which is Xhosa for “Daughters of the Miya clan”. I’ve always felt so special because my name is my identity, Its telling of who I am and who I belong to.

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