Period Shorts Ending Period Poverty

Millions of young girls have to put their lives on hold for at least five to seven days each month due to a lack of access to sanitary products. According to a study conducted by the University of Stellenbosch, 3, 7 million South African girls are unable to access menstrual hygiene products, which means 30% of girls miss school and fall behind as a result. This does not only affect school attendance but the overall health of the young girls. The lack of access to sanitary products leads to girls using unhygienic options like cow dung, leaves, newspapers, and dirty cloths which can leave lifetime infections and serious physical and psychological problems in the future. Access to menstrual hygiene products is critical to ending period poverty in South Africa and empowering young girls to unleash their full potential.

Reusable sanitary products have played a great role in addressing this problem. However, a young girl’s dignity is compromised when they have to hang used reusable pads on a washing line that is in full view of passersby and neighbours. XO Underwear offers an eco-friendly product that lasts up to 100 washes. This menstrual hygiene product helps to protect a young girl’s dignity by offering them a comfortable, reusable, and fashionable period short that absorbs menstrual blood and enables users to wash it and hang it up on a washing line with pride.

This festive season, XO Underwear would like to reduce period poverty by launching a campaign called the #XO100Army, where 100 South African organisations are invited to partner with them by donating 100 pairs of XO Underwear to 100 girls per organisation. “We are calling all South African organisations to support this initiative as we believe that together, we can make a change. This campaign will enable menstruators to reduce the burden of not having access to sanitary hygiene solutions especially during the upcoming festive season and last them well into the new year,” says Stefanie Davis, Founder of XO Underwear.

XO Underwear aims to join forces with corporates and individuals to make a difference, empower South African women to ‘Protect Their Dignity’, end period poverty and create alternative sanitary hygiene which is accessible and sustainable to menstruators who need it most.

Join the #XO100ARMY and be the change. To join the conversation follow us on our social media platforms: Instagram & Facebook: @xounderwear and Instagram, Twitter & Facebook: @feelgoodandco

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