Starting your menstrual journey for any girl is fraught with so many unanswered questions, concerns and societal taboos that need to be navigated whilst trying to understand this new physical change taking place. It is necessary to have the resources and products that will help a young girl be more comfortable and confident in who she is, continue living their lives knowing that a monthly mother nature check-in will not disrupt her life too much.

“XO Underwear is a proudly South African, eco-friendly, Period Wear brand that not only offers practical comfort during a cycle but also does an incredible job at protecting a young girl’s dignity” shared Stefanie Davis, CEO of Feel Good & Co. This is done with XO’s Padded Technology that absorbs liquid and moisture, takes away odour and ensures that there are zero leakages. The underwear and outerwear can then be washed and worn again. 

“We pride ourselves in providing a trendy, comfortable, urban, women-driven, women-inspired and educational brand that aims to empower all women from all walks of life. Our brand is not just a product, but a lifestyle,” adds Stefanie. Understanding the needs of South African girls and being mindful of the access of sanitary products is top of mind for the XO team, hence the decision to donate a pair of XO underwear or outerwear for every 5 pairs sold alongside our Feel Good Foundation. 

Davis concluded that “no young girl should miss out on school because of their period, it’s a natural part of their feminine journey. We should do our part to support them in any way we can, protecting their dignity and equipping them with the life skills that they need.” 

There are three different ranges: teens, sculpt and active.

Prices: teens – R395, sculpt – R475 and active – R675

Shipping is offered nationwide, 2-3 days delivery

Online purchases:

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