Phumeza Langa’s #LoveYourBodySeries Story

How has your the relationship with your body been like? Lately, over the past few years has been very rocky! Whilst I was pregnant with my daughter, I had a beautiful time experiencing what my body was doing, how it was changing. Post-pregnancy, I’m learning to love the new dips, curves and stretch marks I have. The way my hips are more pronounced, the way even my bust has changed since I breastfed as well, I love it and have accepted it.

What made you not appreciate your body when you were younger? Social pressure to look a certain way, the way media portrayed a certain look as being the one that was the one I needed to aspire to. I never realised that although I was tall and lanky, I was a little athletic and could easily fit into a size 4 or 6 dress! I look back on that now and think “Girl, if only you knew what’s coming, you’d love this chapter of your life. It changes but for the better.”

When did you start fully loving your body? Only now, almost 2 years after the birth of my daughter. I’m appreciating what it has done for me and my family. My body has kept me going, sustained me and it’s made me realise how strong I am, in mind – body and spirit.

Looking back, what would you say to your younger self about showing self-love to your body? Show your body love, be kind and be patient with yourself. Also remember that each stage of your life will bring a different chapter of your wellness and health. Enjoy the chapter you are in now, nurture yourself and remember that you only have one body.

What advise would you give someone who needs a little motivation to loving their bodies? Remember that you are unique in everything, including your body. You only have one, so take care of it and understand it, nurture it and it will return the favour when you need it the most. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you are beautiful and there’s no reason why you should be trying to emulate what you see in the world.

What’s your most favourite part of of your body? Why? My legs! Ooooohhhh lawdy!

Where can we find you on social media? @phumeza_langa (Twitter and Instagram) and Phumeza Langa – Facebook

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