Queen Nyabinghi, My #DarlingAlterEgo 💯

You’ve probably seen my posts about Darling’s new Bright And Bold Range in December? Yes? Well, I was chosen to participate in their #DarlingAlterEgo hair challenge. Nna hee, being me, I decide to do my hair in the olive green colour. Reason = I love… okay, I’m obsessed with earthly colours. Lol, if brown was one of the colours I would have been there too! To compliment my choice, I decided to channel the Queen Mother of Africa – The Queen of Queens – Queen Nyabinghi. Why?

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Firstly, the warrior in me has been slacking the whole of 2016 😭 – L’s left, right, and center! I laugh a bit now mara heeeei! The little warrior I had in me helped me pull myself together most of the time. Reading about mme Nyabinghi and how she fought against white and black oppression makes just vusas something in me. I mean, she managed to get her womyn tribe together to conquer – with grace. I want that inner warrior in me to rise hee so we can conquer this life thing.

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Secondly, I most certainly did not want to enter 2017 on a bad note because of the 2016 L’s. So this challenge is my “get out of your comfort zone and try new things” time. Season me Lord, I am your meat!

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Day 1 & 2: did three lines…

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Day 3: did one line (the hair is looking fuller at least)…

Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor

Day 4: the week defeated my friend Tebogo (she’s the one braiding my hair) and I  so dololo lines, but wololo slayage…

Image may contain: 1 person, close-up

Day 5: the lines are finished, all we need to do is to finish the ends then Queen Nyabinghi aka #babeswaolivehair comes out to play (wa mo bona o wa hlayella ha nyane)…

Day 6 & 7: we’re outche finally! Queen Nyabinghi aka #babeswaolivehair is out to play! Let’s do the things that make the votes come my way hee!

Below is the link to vote for me (eish this challenge ends tomorrow on the 28th of January, so I’m going to need as much soldiers as possible for this one).

Here’s the link:

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